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Tripod Turnstile GateTR-120

Driving System
Painted Steel or Stainless Steel
Direction of Passage
Bi-Directional (Direction can be set)
Power Supply
AC 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption
1A (In Operation)
Internal Power
DC 24V
1200(W) X 270(D) X 1000(H) X Width of Passageway 550mm
Within 85Kg
Operating Temperature
- 20°C ~ 70°C
Automatic arm drop in case of emergency (Fire, Power Failure)


Compatible with any reader

- Can be integrated with any kind of access control medium such as RF Reader, QR code Reader, Iris, Fingerprint and etc…

- Passengers can travel 30 to 40 passengers per minute


- Operation of the tripod arm is controlled by an electrical lock inside the gate.

Strict tailgating entry prevention

- A single approved person entry only

Tripod arm drop automatically during emergency

- To support quick evacuation, Arm drop during power outage, fire or other emergency situations

Remote monitoring and management

- The management software allows authorized personnel to take control of access management infrastructures from central location

Noise abatement device when rotating

Anti-Pass device to prevent reverse action

Two-person simultaneous traffic lock function

Ability to set free-rotation or lock function in case of emergency and power failure 


Tripod Arm

In the event of a power outage, the gate arm is allowed to pass freely in both directions.

- Fire alarm interlock function : Fire alarm can be received from fire alarm. When alerting, the gate arm can be set to freewheel or lock.

Arm cover

- Attach a plastic cover after inserting advertisements on the tripod arm


- The baseplate can be applied for necessary installation